Verb: the way you drive when your instructor is yelling at you
My instructor was yelling at me , I panicked and drove zig zig
by mureen October 6, 2020
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A spacecraft used to defend against the forces of Cats in the gramatically historica Sega Genesis game, Zero Wing.

Without the Zigs all our base really would have belong to them.

See also aybabtu.
by hux May 23, 2003
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Something to be taken off, but only if you know what you doing.
Take off every "zig". Move "zig" for great justice.
by Zephyr16 June 23, 2005
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Zigs ususally know what they doing, and operate for great justice.
zigs will avenge bases or spaceship carriers that become belong to cats.
by Colin September 28, 2003
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Bro, that first nicotine rip in the morning gets me so zigged.
by xSaiyan December 10, 2018
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n. A class of space vessel designed to be used only for great justice, and only when you know what you doing. The only known countermeasure for all your base are belong to us. Move zig must be used to ensure effectivness.
take off every zig. you know what you doing. Move zig move zig move zig.
by Mike Book June 5, 2005
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