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Some bitch ass girl who likes potatoes way too much. She needs a life and she's too busy typing commands in discord and talking about her goats. I'm just kidding this is the sweetest girl on the planet and if you're straight and a guy you should definitely date her. If not be her GBF.
Daaaamn. That slut is such a Zhia.

I'm hungry for potatoes, let's call Zhia.
by AndrewTheHoe June 06, 2018
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Zhia, one of the most beautiful female creatures ever created. Extraordinary conversationalist, brilliant long term thinker, exciting, daring, multi-talented in the Arts and Sciences. Daring in sports, and talent that stands above the crowd in many areas. Her body is like a fine tuned machine, and looks like an exquisite piece of art. She turns the heads of men from all walks of like, because she is defined by beauty and brains.
Zhia, is the name that comes to mind when you want something done that is well versed in starting something from the conception to birth, and she is the face you want to see when you need to see beauty.
by Zhia May 18, 2018
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