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A Zhane is a very pretty person, who can be quite gullible. They seem to get injured quite alot, seeing as they're normally very sporty people. People normally say they have big biceps, but they're not big at all :) Zhane's normally have tons of friends, and they normally row. They don't like their name being pronounced wrongly, like many people do when they first see their names, even though it's spelt Zhane, they like it to be pronounced as Sharnay ;)
They are awesome people, who are hard to live without xx.
Hey Zhane, look outside your window, I'm there!

No you're not, I just checked!
by W..m June 18, 2011
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She is a very beautiful young lady, that can be kind & fun to hang or talk to. Don’t mess with her because shes a fiesty one, meaning she will beat a bitch. Everyone loves her & you always need a Zhane in your life!
Egg: Is that Zhane?
Yo Mama:Yasss that girl is something i tell you
Egg:I need her ooo-la la
by someone10101 July 05, 2018
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A very rare species of fox-like human. Often very well known in their area of residence. A Zhane often has many nicknames, such as Zhanimal, Treene, Zhagga and many others. Zhane's are amazing creatures, don't get me wrong. They often have a habbit of falling on their faces. They enjoy liberating phenomenon. Pronounced: Shar-nay or Jar-nay and NOT Zane.
Bob: "Oh wowzers, I hear there's a hip cool Zhane in town!"
Rob: "Yeah, I love Zhane's! Especially the ones the enjoy liberating phenomenon."
Bob: "You're a sick bastard."
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a sexy female who knows how to work those corners she is great at sucking dicks thats why all of the males fall at her feet
bob:hey i just got my dick sucked

bill:by who

bob:here is a hint (she is so sexy)

bill: oh thats easy

by spickel July 19, 2009
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A sexy ass girl that can be nice & lovable. Everyone needs a Zhane in their life, she will be there for you, so you better do the same because she is fiesty & she will beat your ass.
Egg:Is that Zhane?
Yo Mama:Yasss isnt that girl something
Egg: I need her in my life, ooo la la!
by someone10101 July 05, 2018
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Zhanes are funny,handsome,and have big dicks.They can get any girl they desire nd cant live without freaky shit in there life.People love them cant and cant stand to be without them,they are very athletic and love basketball.
Zhane is so cute i would let him hit.
by Imupnext#1 December 09, 2018
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Zhane is a very rude girl. They constantly get defensive and are rude to people around them as a coping mechanism to handle their own insecurities. They are insecure in their looks and you have to help them because they are at a disadvantage because of this. They like to bring other people’s confidence down to feel better within themselves although it doesn’t work because their not even good at manipulating people even though they try their hardest.
Guy 1: she’s acting like a zhane

Guy 2: aghhhh I hate people who act like a zhane it’s the worst. Their so negative
by Mehanna May 30, 2019
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