The name of a beautiful Turkish girl I know. Her smile is as radiant as the sunshine and her eyes sparkle happiness. Her smile is so amazing you can't help but stare. I've never known, or seen, anyone turn as many heads as she does.
The modern real-life fairytale

I wish she was my Zeynep
by dragons erl April 13, 2011
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Very nice and beautiful girl. Zeynep's are very smart and nice to EVERYONE. They love yo share and are the best ppl ever. Most girls are jealous at her and want to be her friend. Boys follow her every where.
Boy 2: I want her!!
Boy 3: No she is mine!
by onedirectionscarrots May 6, 2019
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Zeynep is an amazing best friend;) she is smart, caring, and very lazy. she will always be there for you. she loves to sing,act,and dAncE. and very overall cool😎. loves to eat food;). but you can get on her bad side:0 if you take her food,do something bad to her friends, act mean and selfish, she will keep that on you for the of your life teehee. she also likes to go shopping,hang out with friends and family, and loves burritos❤️ zeynep is gReAt😎😎😏💅
zeynep is cool😎
by epic😎💅 October 30, 2020
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Zeynep is female given name; meaning gem, precious.
Zeynep Ergun, a professor in Istanbul University; Zeynep Üçbaşaran, a Turkish pianist.
by udca December 6, 2009
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Everyone wishes that they are Zeynep. Her eyes and smile are literally the prettiest things on earth. She has very dark eyes but they symbolize the lightness in the dark when you can’t seem to find your way out. And her smile.. her gorgeous smile is so contagious that you simply cannot be sad in her company. She is a literal goddess that everyone envies. Her personality is not like anyone else’s. She’s complety and unapologetically her own. She does what she wants to do, whenever she wants to do it. She likes spontaneous trips to the local super markets, she loves brownies, and she loves the people close to her. You are very lucky if she lets you into to her life, ‘cause it is very bussy. She works her a** off and has a lot of friends that depend on her but she manages to keep everyone happy. She doesn’t cry in front of her friends and has a hard time getting her feelings out. If she tells you that she is stressed or if she cries, you’ll know that it is very serious. She isn’t the type of person that seeks help so you’ll have to ask her to get something out of her.

Everyone needs a Zeynep in their life❤️
Oh my God, is that Zeynep? She looks SO GOOD!”

“I wish I was her, she’s just so pretty”
by kalbimagridi December 19, 2021
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Zeynep is a very loving and caring person, Zeynep is the name of one of the most beautiful Turkish girls that has ever lived , she is a very competitive Person , once you get to know her she will treat you better than anyone has ever treated you.
Zeynep is a name that mainly boys with the initial A ( for Ali , Ahmet , Arda and Anil ) fall in love with

When is comes to love Zeynep is a very ungrateful person but no matter what the person that is in love with Zeynep doesn’t give up .
Ugh I Just Love Zeynep
by AglsosvsesZs November 22, 2021
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A niche way to say "orange peel". Is also a common Turkish name so can be used to nickname your friends.
Person 1: Hey Orange Peel!
Zeynep: Yes?
Person 1: Help me peel this Zeynep.
Zeynep: Fine.
by semicircle7 February 21, 2021
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