When all the male counsellors at a summer camp go into the lake together to clean themselves, using Zest shampoo and body wash. Results in a heightened state of mind and happiness.
Guys! Stu brought some Zest! Lets run down to the lake for a big Zest!
by Willscott 2 July 9, 2010
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“I just drank this henny I’m zest kid”
by zoee May 20, 2020
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Zest is the force that holds all of the universe together and creates the bind between zest masters
The teacher was mistaken when she said that gravity holds all planets together but it's really zest
by Sub0513 March 23, 2017
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The unit of measurement that represents the bodular figure's amount of petiteness and whimsey, along with varying other factors such as, validness, snow bunny acquiring status, and being money without actually being aware of it.
At this particular moment, your bodular figure contains roughly 4 or 5 Zest.

That's so valid, lets fucking go.
by Whimsical Pixie April 25, 2022
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To subtly insult, embarrass, or intentionally make someone feel bad.
Stop asking me about my job to zest me, you know I just got fired.
by Anon1196 July 15, 2020
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The feeling or act of being sick from too much drinking. A way to describe when you feel sick and need to throw up or describing the actual act of blowing chunks.
Dam I feel zest from last nights party.
Everyone ended up sick last night, total ZEST FEST.
Did you hear about Denise? She drank 3 fourties and zested all over my floor!
Dam Im f***ed up I think im gonna zest.
by Filthy Negro May 19, 2011
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A natural potency that is undeniable to the naked eye. Something or someone that has an exuberance surround them that not everyone has.
His zest for life made me hire him on the spot.
This painting totally lacks the zest needed to become famous.
by Ant C August 26, 2003
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