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A cool confident person who wears the hottest expensive brand name clothing & huge excessive jewelry. First associated in a man being a womanizer, player or a fuckboy. Then later evolved in being a leader or someone in charge, usually mixed with the connotation of being a drug lord, gangster or pimp.

The Trinidadian slang 'zesser' or 'zess' originates from the English word zest or zesty which means to be appealingly, appetizing or sharp.
I'm wanna be a zesser. She's dating a zesser. I need a real zesser in my life.
by Matic868 February 15, 2020
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A real hot stepper, and when he step into the room a big glock on the dresser. He wetter and have Gucci and Polo and big chain on he neck, Have a big chain and slave band, he could handle waist and apply real pressure. He is a real trendsetter, blue notes in his pocket cause he have real cheddar.
by Zesser February 10, 2019
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A person that doesn't let anything or anyone STRESS THEM OUT
He or she: I can't take this no more we done
by All king January 07, 2019
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a bad thing who has sex with multiple men
Dont associate yourslef with her.She is a zesser
by lia123 September 27, 2018
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A person who is fully bad and completely menace.
He is a real zesser.
She is a zesser
by Therealealkingdictionary November 14, 2018
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