Another spelling for 2D

Aka Stuart Tosspot or Stu-pot
Lead singer from the awesome band Gorillaz. He has light blue hair, black eyes (due to a ram raid that fractured his eyeballs), is really tall, and is missing a couple of teeth. Sing like an angel but isn't the sharpest tool in the shed.
"I hope that life isn't just a big joke, cos' I don't get it." - 2-D
by Eclissi June 10, 2006
When a period is light enough that it only produces a very liquified waste; the viscosity of a 2-D period is extremely thin
Boy: "Hey how's your period?"
Girl: "Light enough that we can have sex, it's only a 2-D period"
by ShortStuff801 April 18, 2015
Another form of symbol associated with the Insane Deuces
I 2 D ♠️ Insane Deuces use this as a tag for graffiti
by DvsInsane July 5, 2021
the BEST mixtape buy BTS Suga go stream
by ##asdfghjkl May 26, 2020
the biggest jackass known to man. has to have at least 7 STD's from tara. heavily medicates himself (but nothing will treat that ugliness)
jane, he is such a philly d #2. You should stay as far away from him as possible if you wanna avoid getting crabs
by ag October 30, 2004
The biggest pimp in VHS of the tenth graders.

the second highest class rank
hey daniela, wheres my philly d?
Bitch he aint your philly d hes mine!

I got my class rank today, im number philly d #2
by RB October 21, 2004
Two Dimensional - Lacking depth, superficial.

People that are shallow and only see things their way. Incapable of seeing things any other way. A lot of people are 2D people living in a 3D world. They just can't comprehend it.
"Of course she only cares about looks and money she's 2-D bro."

"Sucks they passed on you for the job, HR is full of 2-D's."
by MyVeinyMeat June 24, 2022