Zenkai is the power boost that a Saiyan receives once he/she has experienced near death. In the Dragon Ball franchise, this can best be seen when Vegeta receives a large enough boost to over-power Zarbon, an enemy who had beaten him only a few episodes before.

In a much less literal definition, anyone can experience Zenkai. It's just when someone comes back stronger and better than ever from a bad L taken in life. We all have Zenkai.
Person 1: Damn bro I heard Laura rejected you the other day.
Person 2: It's all good man, my Zenkai is kicking in. I'll just hook up with her best friend.
by yeezymambagoku1997 May 23, 2018
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In the Dragon Ball franchise, whenever a Saiyan is beaten to, and recovers from, near death, their power level increases immensely. Directly translates to "Full Release."
After recovering from near-death at the hands of Zarbon, Vegeta recieves a Zenkai and is now stronger than ever!!!
by Maximum Over-Saiyan January 19, 2015
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Zenkai (noun)

1. A famous Unreal clan.

This clan had its humble beginnings in Unreal Tournament. Now it has 12 divsios, 3 of them being all women. Zenkai.com.
1. Zenkai pwns.
2. Zenkai is so huge now, I'll never get in.
3. Everyone dreams of being in the clan Zenkai.
by Sakura Chen August 25, 2004
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In Dragonball Z, it's the power boost a Saiyan gets whenever he recovers from a mortal wound after losing a fight to an opponent.
Zarbon beat Vegeta to an inch of his life, but let him live. Vegeta, having lived the battle, got a zenkai and made a full recovery inside the healing tank of Frieza's ship. Zarbon was killed by Vegeta during their next encounter.
by Durango August 29, 2006
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someone who negs all debaters and is the best at everything he does and constantly carries discord super famous and pulls every B*tch
I wish I was a Zenkai
by AlessyaSimp May 3, 2021
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