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An all around nice person that likes memes and good music. Their music taste is usually composed of Joji, Rich Brian, Panic! at The Disco, My Chemical Romance, Twenty-One Pilots, Drake, etc. They're usually a pretty funny and humoring person but is serious when need be. When speaking about memes they often pronounce it as "mee-mees" or "may-mays" ironically. They probably run an instagram account that posts offensive content while simultaneously running an activist account, both accounts having several admins. They spout off random one-liners or send random photos with no context.
People with this name will prove to be an amazing friend and passing up on this opportunity would be a mistake.
Person A: Hey look at that girl over there! She's funny and witty but she's also super smart and compassionate!
Person B: She's super cute too!
Zayba: Y'all hella gay
by Yungmaxcloutgod July 08, 2018
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