Someone hot girls call when they are thirsty.
Where's my sugar zaddy?
by Zussy4two November 11, 2017
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Ohm. Ohm is a zaddy
Ohm is such a zaddy, I love his bowl cut and I wanna eat cereal out of it
by ohm is zaddy June 5, 2018
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A lame attempt at using slutty baby talk to say “daddy.” Invented because most people who use it cannot form the sound of the letter “d” because of all the bodily fluids they have gumming up the inside of their mouth.
Lemme have more of zat zick zaddy. Baby girl/boy is still hungry.
by Pipistrelloyt October 28, 2018
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A racist white male that has a fetish for black women but hates black men and often African/African American culture as well. Often sought after by self-hating negro bed wenches.
Bedwench 1: Oh my God look at that man's blonde hair and blue eyes he's so gorgeous

African Queen: Who, that serial killer looking creep working on his truck??
Bedwench 1: YASSS girl, he such a Zaddy!
by AMSONE March 29, 2019
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Comes from word "Zha-dè" in chinese mandirin which translates to english as "chad". Zaddy refers to an asian male chad equivalent. This asian male is tall, has a serious fitness regime, has a degree in a high paying field, has a sports car, doesnt take himself too seriously and generally gets along with everyone but has master in atleast one martial are so isnt afraid to stand his ground when the opportunity arises.
Damn that Zaddy from Crazy Rich Asians is so hot, would totally leave my white beta husband for him..
by the_digimonster March 7, 2021
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