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The act of Zinging and Pwning someone viciously.
Humberto: "lets make that new mario and put a high school kid in there instead, and instead of world 1-1 it should be 'high school 1"

Michael: "Oh, you want to create a skin for mario? You are t3h g@ye$+, i just ZWNED YOU!!!"
by skforty September 05, 2006
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The art of crapping in another person mouth while you shove a rusty hammer up there asshole.
"You just got fucking zwned."
by D.Shea February 24, 2005
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The act of pwning someone by using Zed's uber tactics in warfare
Dude 1: Holy shit man... that guy pwns!
Dude 2: Nope... he freggin ZWNS!
by Jacques Colombo July 25, 2005
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