When a girl has a nice booty on her
Yoooo! She got the yurk!!”
by Ninjas>> November 21, 2017
To throw up violently, typically following a night of heavy drinking.
After taking down that 5th shot, I had to yurk for like 10 minutes before I could continue drinking.

by Bels April 23, 2007
High as fuck. Hit some weed so good that you are on another planet.
You high yet bro? "Yeah nigga I'm yurked!"
by Smoovely December 18, 2015
Russian Tour Guide: "And on the right we have Rasputin's pickled penis"
Random guy in crowd: "Yurk"
by o_O May 23, 2004
Yurk: describing the feeling of cuming. it can also be the actual jiz itself
Usually when I eff her, I am like Yurk, but last night was soo good, I was like Yuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrk.
by Jon June 29, 2004
1) to masturbate while thinking of hort people
1) Fanny was yurking it, literally.
by The Editor March 26, 2004
A yuppie who also happens to be a total jerk. Or a total tool who has lots of money and wants everyone to think he's the man.
That yurk didn't even tip his waitress.
by Broncojimmy January 29, 2016