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A word high schoolers and kids in college like to yell out randomly when they think it's a good time too.
Teacher: Billy whats 29 + 6
Billy: Uh... 25
Teacher: Yup!
Billy: YURD!
Everyone in class: HAHAHAHA
by d123b May 10, 2018
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a combination of the words You and heard.

usually used in exclamation or to agree.

can also be used to substitute the the use of the term "word" or "werd" .
dude: I love that band!

other dude: YURD! me too brah!
by yeahitsmelimlame June 08, 2009
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A dummy who you can easily call and dumb out
1. She a yurd shorty. she gave me the chew after i booked her down the alameda
by oe14 December 12, 2007
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Yurd me, phrase that lets you know I am finished with my sentence.
Yo at 6:45 we are smooth out, yurd me!
by Yurd me August 23, 2013
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words that only hillbilly grandmas with no teeth and no showering capabilities would say.
"y'all comin now fer some supp ya hear folks".
by Er from ER May 29, 2005
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I was chatting to a friend the other day, and I accidentally spilled a bit of Coke on my keyboard, and instead of typing 'yes' to him, (I was answering a question) I accidentally typed 'yurd@'. I was not thinking of the keys I was pressing, thus, 'yurd' came out.
It is a word that defines when something goes wrong. You say yurd!!!
I just killed someone today. YURD!!!!!!!11
I just spilled Coke on my keyboard! YURD!
by bratchny April 15, 2004
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