Literally (y)oung (u)rban (p)rofessionals, but usually refers to recent college graduates from middle- to upper-class strata grappling with the experiences of beginning to climb the career ladder and trying to date or get laid in the little time they aren't working. General attributes include: making more money than they know what to do with, attempting to find a work-life balance by buying expensive gym memberships and equipment to begin hobbies that will later be abandoned, getting a dog, completing apartments with Ikea furniture, using dating apps where they post pictures of themselves with their dogs (and proclaim they are interested in others' dogs), having pictures taken of themselves on hikes and other routine outdoor activities, discussing experiences of adulting, starting to do yoga, going to happy hours, drinking fancy lates in the morning, and traveling to europe to take cliche photos of themselves next to famous monuments.
"Man, buying that expensive new pasta maker was such a yuppie thing to do."
"What do yuppies like me do with their time anyways?"
by funnyjack August 21, 2018
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Saying yes but in a kool kid way
Boy :do you have the answers to the test

Girl: yuppie

Boy: thanks
by Fishyblub April 30, 2021
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Privileged white person born into the rich-middle class. You can identify them by their apartments paid by their white parents and their over priced coffee. Not only they are entitled but they they also gentrified every poor income community. Ex: Hoboken, Brooklyn, and other areas near NYC.
by Know your history December 07, 2019
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