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The yunk term used on the social media steemit (A social media that based in Steem cryptocurrency) for a community of people who support themselves and the same cause trough the #yunk by posting relevant and irrelevant new and original content of quality. I used as a verb that's yunking is awesome in the strangest way, unique.

It's started at Steemit chat around 3 hours of random conversation on 7/12/2017. Even though there are different definitions on the word/term, the main purpose started just for fun, by a group of users followed by the "motheryunk" so created the first post tagged #yunk.

What to know about them? This people might try to give important feed back to your post and become part of your followers and create a connection with you and usually support your steemit grow or be there for you upvoting or resteeming if the content is at the Yunker standard, quality contents will reach higher upvotes than in a normal #, or that's the intention, because people in the #yunk community are more than just bloggers, the yunkers get engaged in the posts.

Some people say it was inspired on a user, however this person didn't motivate it until it escape from his hands and accepted the term, now some memes and even tunes are available.

There is also a guide on how to Yunk and Yunkosexuality , used to express attraction for the yunker. The trend became a High standard for steemers. When the fall of the steem value, yunk finds it ways to make the community a wonderful place.
"I am here for the Yunks and stayed for the content"
"Hey I'am reyunking this comment".

"yunkvoting this awesome content".

"So, Who can Yunk? only cool and awesome people do".

"Hey Yunk that up."

"Yunk4yunk "

"yunk yunk yunk"
by Blackpalmers July 14, 2017
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Short for Manayunk, a expensive and beautiful section of Philadelphia filled with bars frequented by college students
Man: Yo slut, what are you doin tonight?

Slut: Yo man, Im going to GrapeStreet in the Yunk
by HotPhila April 18, 2005
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Origin: Western PA / Monongahela Valley area of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

Derivation from "You" and "Hunk" or "Hunky". Referrring to the Eastern European / Bohemian ethnicity (Slovaks, Poles, Hungarians, Russo-Slavic, et al) of the majority of 19th and 20th Century immigrants to work in the steel mills and coal mines. Bohunk is also sometimes used to describe the mixed / general ethnicity. Millhunk refers to one who works or has worked in one of the steel mills or foundries in the Greater Pittsburgh area.
Dickie M: Hey Yunk! You goin' dahntahn or over to Fuzzy's?

Bob K: Naw, goin' with Tuddy to have a few. Yunk - you should come aht too.
by Doc Dickie November 21, 2012
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1. Chunks, especially of pineapple.
2. To barf.
1. Minda sits in front of the TV eating pineapple yunks all day.

2. Minda ate so much pineapple that she yunked all over the place.
by Suchin February 28, 2004
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