Yuni is a unisex name often given to girls. Girls named Yuni are usually very nice and sweet, and very attractive.
I heard there’s a Yuni in your class, you should totally talk to her.”
by thatoneidioticgirl June 27, 2020
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A name of Asian origin, most likely from South Korea.

Best friends with a Yuna.

Cute, happy, giggly, and smart.

Loves to make chocolate on Valentine's Day and give hugs.
Yuni and Yuna were shopping in Koreatown for a birthday present while laughing and having fun.
by green tea leaf March 06, 2009
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get a girl out of your league to become emotionally attached to u. the way to do this is to hang out with her as much as possible in a short period of time. Have sex as much as possible while you can, and repeat with the next girl.
Yo I yunied that girl. Now she comes over every night.
by DiddleDood March 14, 2016
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1. A faggot who is proud of her cameltoe. Yunis always love to show their cameltoe.
2. cameltoe
1. Yuni's yuni looks nasty.
by Marklee July 21, 2013
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Yuny is slang for homie/g/friend someone who is close to you or known for more than 3 months.
Bruv, let chills call up your yuny and we can go get drunk.
by GangstaLikeUnknown December 08, 2019
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1) Name:A very popular Korean name which means gorgeous, beautiful, hilarious, and etc etc. You would just fall in love with her the moment you see her. She also excels in grades, sports, and everything.
2) Adjective: This word is used to describe a perfect girl.
1) Adrian :Did you see the new girl named Yunie?

Drake: Yeah, she's gorgeous!
2) Wow..she's a very yunie.
by Alexandra Rose Sugg April 04, 2012
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Rikku's nickname for Yuna from the games FFX (Final Fantasy X) and FFX-2.(Final Fantasy X-2).
Rikku: "Yunie..."

Rikku: Yunie!
Paine: Yuna!
by Yuna Loves Tidus January 28, 2006
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