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Often used to describe girls who are crazy and funny. It also is used to describe when a girl likes to laugh at everything. And if she starts, it takes her quite a while to stop. Yuling is often commonly used to describe a girl who has a funny laugh and looks beautiful in that smile or laugh
Dude 1: Can i tell you a cat joke?
Girl 1: Sure
Girl 2: *(woo a joke, i wanna hear!)***sneaks in***
Dude 1: Just kitten!!
Girl 1: That is so cold...
Girl 1: Laugh Out Loud, she has a pretty funny laugh
Dude 1: She laughs like Yuling
Girl 1: Yes totally. She is pretty and has a funny laugh!
Girl 2: How do u know my name is Yuling!?!?!
by Nuhtella March 15, 2016
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Sexiest girl ever. Anyone who disagrees should be checked into a psych ward and then subjected to Chinese water torture. In that order.
Idiot: Who is Yu Ling?
Sane Person: *PUNCH*
by TisFridayBitches April 01, 2011
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