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the hillbilly town of Florida where all the hillbillies hang out and ride on horses.
Look at those kids riding on horses through Yulee.
by supercutekid November 19, 2011
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Yulee is a town in north east Florida.
It is close to the more popular Fernandina beach. It is full of rednecks and dumb idiots. The only shining thing about Yulee is that the AXIS resides here. The AXIS is the only shining light in Yulee.
Is this Fernandina beach no its just Yulee.

Why are there so many rednecks must be in Yulee.

The AXIS is here, the great place where it all began Yulee.
by Demosthenes ,Locke May 13, 2009
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That one weird place no one knows north of Jaskonvile where theirs wanna be hood kids, potheads, and rednecks
Why that kid trynna act hood cuz he black he live in yulee

Kid: Mommy why do those people with the funny smelling cigarettes have wires on their AirPods
Mom:lets go back to Fernandina it’s not safe here
by Somefuckhead January 27, 2019
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