a person who teeth and mouth are not very appealing to see or look at.
Simone has a yuck-mouth.
by Ta'Von Powell April 15, 2005
The action of throwing a track & field implement (such as a shotput or discus) with power and strength. Proper form is optional. Distance and accuracy of is dependent in how much hope you carry in the implement.
Spectator: “How do you guys throw so far? Your form sucks and you’re not that strong”
Throwers: “We yuck it far
by OnlyCreedBratton July 21, 2019
A super-unattractive child. A kid that even the parents wince at when they look at it. Will make some plastic surgeon rich one day.
"OMG. That kid in the stroller is truly the ugliest child I have ever seen. That Kinder Yuck is going to need sunglasses and a wig surgically attached so none of us lose our lunch."
by SusanHunt August 27, 2005
someone who really talks dirty.
Joe: oooh! that girl is so hawwtt that i can even suck her ass if i get a chance!

kylie: Yuck you man!
by Em Aar May 15, 2011
One who does not brush their teeth.
They call him Yuck Mouth, because he don't brush.
by Qix December 7, 2003
Laughing uncontrolably loud.
When your sitting in a quite area and you can tell someone in the other room told a really good joke because you can hear them laughing so hard they start pounding on the table.

Tom: "Hey man did you find the answer to numbe......"

People in other room: "ah ha ha ha no fuckin' way ha ha ha ha ha hAAAAA!!!"

Daniel: "Wow those fuckers are really yucking it up in there aren't they"

Tom: "Yeah someone must of told a real knee slapper in there." "Good enough to keep us from working."
by FireApocalypse :3 May 7, 2011
shits and giggles, just for kicks, for the hell of it

chuckles and yucks, basically
Jeff decided to play a prank on his mom for chucks and yucks.
by Jjcd7 November 23, 2009