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Yovannie is the funniest, sweetest guy you can find! He doesn't judge people at all! He is friends with everyone and anyone. He always keeps his promises. He is a great friend and would be a great boyfriend! He loves his girl with all his heart and is a romantic. He can be gone for some time but he will always come back. He believes in true love and definitely deserves it. He also will find it. Sometimes he doesn't notice when people are down but that's usually only when they hide there emotions. He can usually brighten there day though! Hes an amazing person and if you ever find someone like him you better try and keep 'im
Girl1: Have you met Yovannie..?
Guy1: I have!
Girl2: I haven't but I've heard about him.
Girl1: Me and ***** will introduce you! He's so sweet!
Guy2: Sounds like somebody has a crush!
Girl1: Shut up!
*all start laughing*
by Weirdest Weirdy Weirdo May 30, 2019
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