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A slang in Pakistan for a stupid person who blindly follow a leader who is a rapist, drinker, gambler and homosexual.
That is a youthiya, he supports Zani leader.
by Patwari9to5 August 03, 2018
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It is used to refer to a group of teenagers with zero intellect and Facebook as the only source of information. They are usually keyboard warriors with cum on their stomach. Their core values include the use of abusive language, adultery, support of extramarital affairs, boot(y) licking and above all U Turns.
Alternative spellings youthia.
A. You said that you weren't going to support them and now you're forming a collation with them?

B. Yes coz I need them now.

A. So you're taking a U Turn, you're such a youthiya!
by Moronic oxymoron August 07, 2018
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