"YourKnees aka YourScammer Aka YourBucky" Or just YourRage or YourRageGaming this term is used when YourRage is treating his chat like grunts or just in general cause he woddles like a penguin lol L KNEES
"YourKnees L scammer oops I mean joshypoo"
by FxkSavawott May 22, 2021
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Yourknees- a saying created by the YRG chaaaatttttt that puts Josh (hah josh) in a deep depression state Bc it reminds him of a dark time the day he knees gave out
Wono: “Snipe squad you are clear to shoot, just don’t miss and hit the shoulder like last time. Copy.”

Joshhh: “Like last time? My nigga I was playing basketball.. Ight bet.”

Chaaaatttt: Wono

Chaaaatttt: Lmfaooooooo
Chaaaatttt: YOURKNEES
by WantNewKnees? July 3, 2021
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Your Knees is a man with robotic knees that have powers Like for instants he is a
The Decepticons, Tin Man, Also Optimus Prime
He has yourRage Knees aka yourKnees
by CumTk February 14, 2022
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