Lucy Hi Jimmy
Jimmy Hey Lucy

Lucy Can I kiss you?

Jimmy Why?
Lucy Because it’s kiss your crush day!
by Calitiana October 26, 2019
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It’s the worst thing because you wish you were that other person who’s in a relationship with your crush and you just imagine life with your crush if you guys were together.

Girl: *sees crush* Hey
Boy: Hi, guess what, I asked a girl out and now she’s my girlfriend

Girl: *fake smile* ohh that’s great *really dying inside*

Boy: well anyway I have to get to class so I’ll see you later 👋

Girl: bye
Boy: * leaves*

Girl: OmG noooooooo

Friend: hey what happened

Girl: my crush has a girlfriend!!!
Friend: no way!! What!?
Girl: 😭

Only if we actually talked to our crush and if you do then well done. This is most relatable in the category of “seeing your crush in a relationship” have you ever experienced this?
by Funny & hilarious person March 17, 2018
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Get freaky and kiss your bf/gf/crush on October 21🤭
Today Is “Kiss your crush day” so I’m going to get freakyyyy.
by Freaky People mmm October 20, 2019
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Every November 6th, a female/male can date their crush all day without their crush knowing. Only they know they are dating them.
Female/Male: Hey! Happy National Date Your Crush Day babe!
Crush: Um. What?!
by TikTok Legend November 5, 2019
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Confess your love to your crush day....

I am making this to save a friend from embarrassment JK we love them though
On confess to your crush day, your friend gets the relationship and you stay forever alone
by Got my Homies back April 24, 2020
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You get to give as many hugs as you want!
Girl:Give me a hug

Girl:cause it’s December 20 hug your crush day
by Bananaboo315 December 19, 2019
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