SJW-newspeak to disguise subjective experiences, opinions and feelings as universal and binding reality while undermining the idea of shared common facts, effectively turning truth relative. Usually utilized by narcissists to enable intellectual bullying of those who disagree and prefer facts over feelings.
Jim: Emma, it's not true that you were raped: This video proves it!
Emma S.: I don't care about some stupid video, it's truth TO ME!
LaQuanda: Aw yeah baby girl, speak your truth! You tell 'em!
by CmdrSkullcrush August 20, 2019
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The truth as it is known and experienced by you. Often used mistakenly to mean your opinion.
Speak your truth. Don't let the Harvey Weinsteins of the world stop you.
by Andthereforeshesawitch January 11, 2018
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The holiday where you speak honesty to your friends family and other people around you.
She expressed her love because she was being honest on National Speak your truth day.
by AlphamaleJamie August 20, 2021
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