The dreded words out of a parents mouth.
The porcess -
1.Parents Make up some BS thing.
2.Big argument
3:YOUR GROUNDED!!!!11oenoneelevetyone
by Woot October 8, 2003
your mother sez ur grounded so you sneek out to your friends or bf/gfhouse1
" YOUR GROUNDED!" screams my mom " okay bi"sez i
by hephulump April 11, 2007
A law that in some states lets you use deadly force to defend yourself in a public place if you see someone doing something suspicious and potentially dangerous, like being black.
Zimmerman was acquitted of the Trayvon Martin murder, thanks to Florida's stand your ground law.
by TSM Vez December 1, 2016
When you fart mid-conversation with a person or group of people, and maintain your position after someone has expressed their displeasure with either the sound or smell.
Stan: "Dude it stinks, did you just cut one?"
You: "sorry about that."
Stan: "oh man, now you're gonna stand your ground?"
You: "absolutely. "
by Hugh Gasol July 23, 2013