Two of the most dreaded words in the English language. You have lost your job.

Even the hint of a "Your Fired" moment strikes fear and trepidation into the hearts of working men an women everywhere. So disturbing is the effect that its emotional impact is on a par with other life changing phrases such as: "I'm pregnant","I'm gay" and "Tax Audit".

"Your fired!" has fallen into disuse as of late to be replaced euphemistic expressions , non confrontational methods and often, pure deception:

...sadly,your position has been eliminated...
...the uncertain economy has dictated that we reduce manpower costs... a result , your services will no longer be required....
...due to our recent corporate restructuring plan we are reducing our manpower... my son David. He will be following you around for the next couple of weeks to learn the business...

On the other hand, "Your fired!" can be a good thing. If your working for a suck ass, loser company, appearing on the endless stream of "The Apprentice" knock offs or simply fed up at work, Your Fired can be a liberating experience.
Bush: Brownie, Your Fired !
Brownie: Yesss!

Mr Spacely: Jetson! Your Fired !
George Jetson: But Mr Spacely...

Donald Trump: Gary, Your Fired !
Gary Coleman: Damn...back to being a security guard.
by BeenThere-DoneThat May 12, 2009
Something Donald Trump said a lot in the Apprentice.
Your Fired
by Ian_Tak November 5, 2020
The term used by your asshole boss, when you fuck up once. Once the term is you flip him off and continue your work until you are forced to leave.
Tom is working on a potato display.
Tom's boss: Tom your fired.
Tom flips off boss and continues work.
10mins later cop arrives

Cop: Tom your boss fired you and asked you to leave

Tom: Ok, he's just mad I railed his wife yesterday

Tom goes to the office clock's out and signs papers.
Tom's boss: we will send you severance check through mail
Tom flips off boss and says
Tom: dont worry I will see you again, I creamed in your wife and stole he birth control.

Cop hi-fives Tom and escorted him to his car till he leaves
5 years later
Tom goes to old bosses house to pickup kid and flips him off
Tom's boss loves being a step-dad
by Cochieman 456 November 27, 2020
To lose a job permanently. 2). Your fired - also is another way to call someone a idiot or moron.
I will pay 50 dollars to wash the car, why did you wash the car with acid. Your Fired!
by Chappie72 December 26, 2016
The phrase is taken from the Jimi Hendrixx song 'Let me stand next to your fire.' In this case, 'fire' refers to a joint or a blunt, and by saying 'let me stand next to your fire', you are asking to get a hit of what they are smoking.
(To a person smoking a blunt, or joint.)
"Hey Joe, let me stand next to your fire."

by Jim Rhodes February 14, 2008