Dubai youngboy : famous in dubai because of he’s drip & hott he goes kite dm jbr u can see him every Thursday . He always like to wear black shirt or silver hoodie . He’s Persian but he’s not a chamak he just has a good drip
by Aryan2121 May 9, 2021
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Youngboy better
*Nba youngboy gets herpes*
Ig post: Usher has herpes
Yb fan: Youngboy gets herpes better🤡
by JeromeFr June 19, 2021
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annoying people who go in RAPtv's twitter and say "young boy better" "Dont care, post youngboy"
wow look dude! we found someone who's father abandoned them saying youngboy better!
by EpicGrandma360 April 27, 2021
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Yb is the best rapper that ever walked on earth, and he's creating he's own NBA team by making all these kids. He'll soon have 38 soon 🥶💯🐍
If when u hear the word goat u don't immediately think of nba youngboy then u have a mental disorder
by Just a random nigga December 24, 2020
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The best fuckin rapper in the game don't @ me
Ay y'all bettah not talk shii bout NBA Youngboy he best inna game
by 604jay April 24, 2021
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