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Alternative spelling of the the verb to yoube. Meaning to search on youtube.
Do you think that 'when elephants attack video' will be on youtube yet?
Dunno, I'll youb it now.
by Amy Louise O'Brien February 04, 2008
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your fifth grade sister's boobs
or something very hideous or strange looking
Like "Did you see that chicks butt it looked like a total youb"

Or "Ew did you see that pimple it was a total youb"
by laura dora fer sure February 12, 2009
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a person who ingests semen mixed with crap that comes out of ones ass after anal sex. Can be used in a literal sense or a pay-out sense.
1. Sarah is such a youb.
2. I'm a youb.
by jsdfg3igfu3r May 13, 2008
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