When someone is excited or overly excited; loud, in comparison to a female orgasm.
"YOOOOOO! Thats wassup!"......."Fool calm down you wet".
by Mr.Monsta February 25, 2011
ok there is many ways to get u wet!basically its sexual activitys to get a woman wet on the body
and if i suck on dat pussy dat will get you wet
by SHARAI March 24, 2008
1. Of or relating to any and every situation in which the outcome is not of particular importance.
Jill: "Do you want to watch The Notebook or Armageddon?"
Tom: "Well... whatever makes you wet."
by st33lyguy November 26, 2007
The phrase "I make you wet in the butt" means some one is really hot/sexy and you feel a tingling sensation in your butt while also feeling like it's moist.
"That guy makes me so wet in the butt."
"I make you wet in the butt"
by Cpt. Wet Butt December 5, 2014
To shoot someone. Makes the clothes all wet from blood, hence the word "wet you up".
Gotta watch it in these streets cause they will set you up, wet you up.
by EFDogg November 13, 2007
When you make a girls pussy wet
God, you made me wet.
by Niyah9998 May 19, 2021