you attempted something but you didn't succeed
Tries to get away from being tagged but gets tagged anyways.
Tagger: You tried
by Limess September 2, 2018
When you attempt to flatter yourself or make others look foolish but it didn't work out well for you.
Polly: I look so good in this dress!
Me: psh, you tried it!
by Navylife89 March 22, 2015
a saying for when someone wants to say you insulted them.
"you're such a whore"
"wow. you tried me"


"he just told her to shut the fuck up"
"damn, he tried her"
by MackDaddy21894 May 21, 2010
When a bitch acts as if something is true; relevant but its not and or she knows better.
Bitch you tried it.
by 0FuxGiven April 6, 2016
A phrase that is said by Buffalo Wild Wings employees when you ask for the "Bourbon Honey Mustard" sauce on your wings, afterwards declaring it to be the worst sauce.
You: "Can I get large traditional with Bourbon Honey Mustard?"
Waiter: "Have you ever tried the Bourbon?"
by Ripyou Anewone May 22, 2018