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A person who is obsessive or overly obsessed.

The term "you head" can also be used as a general insult implying the person insulted is obsessed or very mad at you.

You head is most commonly used by itself as an insult or at the end of a sentence.
"You enjoy Identity V too much dee, you head!"
"Shut the HELL up! Tracy, you head.
by Austin Mcfartson July 16, 2021
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A common expression among the g's, it means im going to insert my penis into your cranium in a rather forceful manner.
by little_chris October 20, 2004
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This is what you say when a child is being toxic or is getting salty in video games such as: Fortnite: Battle Royale, Overwatch and League Of Legends. If you use this insult on a child, they will instantly shut the FUCK up and wont annoy you.
child: *dies*
by 69Bibba_Sibba69 August 3, 2018
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if you tell some one "penis you in the head" you are telling him to go screw himself.
john: can i sleep at your house tonight?

bob: no! now penis you in the head!
by medalist October 19, 2004
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Manipulating the brain / mind of somebody in order to make him think like we do
-You screwed his head, and he still doesn't want to do that.

-In a short period of time he will do it
by nicolas.stn October 2, 2011
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To use your mouth on some else’s sex organs to give them pleasure
If you don’t pay me back you owe me head.
by BaddieAshe October 2, 2020
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to physically (and/or brutally) beat the crap out of some one.
Matterazi: You terrorist son of a whore!

Zidane: I'm gunna smack you upside the head bitch!

(Materazzi now has a gaping hole in his cheast, world rejoices.)
by cha ching July 13, 2006
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