Yotta is the largest SI prefix. All the saved data in the world togheter would not fill up a Yotta Byte.

Yotta is also the coolest username.
by Spillkveld August 8, 2019
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The highest, most powerful and rarest male archetype. No one has yet been called a yotta male but it is speculated that one exists or has existed.
Joe: look at this guy he’s such a yotta male.
Ben: nah man he’s just the average sigma.
by Eaton February 3, 2022
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To film yourself masturbating and ejaculating onto your chest, and then subsequently sending it to young girls over the internet
(yottabyte) how did people find it on her computer..... she said shes the only1 that uses it
by Someone in 2007 December 20, 2017
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Love ing wirh is freunnd and games
If hes goos to the shope he thaks his mom uot that is yotta or tyyotta lel
by I love pornhub hahahahahahahha December 15, 2017
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Name for timberlands.
Bih scratched the yottas??! Not the yottas!!”
by edot July 19, 2022
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