A race of creatures coming from the lore of the game League of Legends.

The Yordles come from Bandle City, on the planet Runeterra and are very short. Another thing about this race is the large difference between the males and females. the females have blue skin, white hair, and a tiny but human-like nose. while the males are usually just short and furry.

the characters....
Veigar .... are all Yordles
wtf was that?!

i think you just got ganked by a Yordle
by Anon1893 September 7, 2011
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An overpowered Composition in the famous game "Teamfight Tactics".

There is agreement in high elo ranks, yet not outspoken, that this comp shall not be played, as a consequence of it being too strong!
Veigar; "I am the Yordle- Lord. Willkommen, willkommen."
Lasse: "Ja ich bin hier!"
by Fettplacke March 24, 2022
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A group of aggressive hairy midgets, popularized by the game called League of Legends. Yordle Squads often end the day by having a Yorgy.
Holy shit Trey, I saw a Yordle Squad on my way to work and almost shit my pants, I'm just glad I got out of there before they took their clothes off.
by Joshie Boyyo September 23, 2018
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