Due to the great confusion between use cases of YOUR (possessed by you) and YOU’RE (you are), the spelling of the two words were simplified to both be the homonyms YOR. The context is used to determine meaning between the two choices:
1) possessed by you
2) you are
It’s going to be so much harder for yor friends to figure out yor bad at spelling and grammar now.
by jb1095 October 20, 2021
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A universal word that can be used to express one's opinion on almost any subject or statement, but usually used to show someones distaste at a particular statement or comment.
"ooops i accidently spilt my drink on your uni assignment...sorry"

"ohhhh YOR!"
by lay_ February 4, 2010
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The exclamation of exasperation at a situation. It can be used having a good or bad connotation.
Yor we have a lot of work to do!!
by PoolAddict July 20, 2010
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A phonetic hominem used to replace “You’re” or “Your” in a sentence.

First established to hide an inability of the writer to distinguish the proper usage of “You’re” or “Your” in a sentence.
Yor going to have a great game with yor friends today. They’re waiting over there for you to bring yor ball. Yors is the only one left.
by j—— November 3, 2021
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can be used in multiple contexts

1. synonym for “slayed”
but better

2. a phrase used for forgetful little bitches

3. the parent/mother/carer of anya forger
1. oh hey there kamabjxii fomfaicheiro
stab badass women
stan i mean stan

haha yor moment, “get yor’d “
2. i’m so silly ahh i forgot what’s happening

“yor forgor
3. “yor mom
by hangeflaminhotcheeto June 2, 2022
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A stupid-sounding way to say, "You're stupid."
Man 1: Hey, you! Yor thtpd!

Man 2: What the fuck does that mean?! What are you, stupid?!
by President Jack Bauer October 30, 2014
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