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The ship name for Min Yoongi (Suga) and Kim Seokjin (Jin), the two dads of BTS. (The oldest members)

Masters of the push-and-pull relationship.

One of the realest ships EVER.
Are basically married.

Both love dad jokes.
Alternatively called "SIN" and "mango-only couple"
Won the best roommate award in 2017.

The actual parents of BTS, as shown in Bon Voyage

Shippers of this ship are called "SINners" or "Yoonjin-ers"
SINner1: Did you hear that Yoonjin aren't roommates anymore? that's so sad!

SINner2: It's okay, they still love each other a lot! <3 I bet they sneak into each-other's room a lot!
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by WickedlyKind May 17, 2018
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The ETERNAL roommate ever. End of convos bye.
A: you know whats the meaning of 'eternal roommate'?
B: eumm, a yoonjin?
by Fghhgghh May 21, 2018
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This is the name for a beautiful Korean woman. Anyone with this name with shock you with their kindness and generosity.
Person A: Hey Yoonjin, how are you?
Yoonjin: I am so good! How are you? Do you want some rice noodles? :-)
Person A: Yeah, I'm starving!
Yoonjin: Okay, I'll make it now. Do you want some candy too?

Person A: Hell yeah!!!
by Buffythebuffalopuppy November 28, 2018
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Just married couple who love to share endearment without realizing some of us are single.
Yoonjin popular quotes:

"Doo doo there's a cutie"
"I almost fall for a guy!"
"To jinjinjara from your eternal roommate."
"I said I might fall for you not I wanted to date you."
"I told you, hyung, you are always good"
"I will give you all my hearts."
"You know you always have me."
by bemeownggi October 08, 2019
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