A bloke's spam dagger. also known as a single-barrel pump-action yoghurt rifle
I extracted my love length from her fanjita and took aim at her balcony. Then I unleashed the full, merciless, fury of my pump-action yoghurt rifle and left her with a full splow necklace.
by Splowson McGraw March 7, 2004
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A gentlemen's love length, with which he can go hunting on the range of two peaks. He can also go shooting on the 'Quim' battlefield.
'....while my Grandfather was stationed in India, he went walking in the nearby forest, whilst he was walking he stumbled across a fine young native lady, equipped with what he liked to call 'Two Juicy Marmadukes'. Being the man action that he was, he did what any real soldier would do in that situation. He quickly whipped out his 'Pump Action Yoghurt Rifle' and quickly gave her a good going over, leaving her like a painter's radio....'
by Emyjo Ed January 6, 2007
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Word used to describe the male reproductive tool
Sean used his pump action yoghurt rifle with comparitive ease, deploying his semen all over Caitlin's face
by Dave Catmur December 2, 2003
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another name for your dick,penis,cock,willy, 5th limb, 3rd leg... u get the idea
dont even go there or ill have to whip out my single barrel pump action yoghurt rifle
by mad February 28, 2005
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