The name "Yocale" (TM) is a contraction of “your” and "locale." A Vancouver tech start-up started to help people access and use the great local services in their locale, and to
help grow small businesses and local communities. The name "Yocale" (TM) is to serves as a reminder of the value in building a business with a SoLoMo mindset (social, local, mobile).

Yocale is grounded in the principles of collaborative economies, and in 2013, Yocale launched the "BOOK LOCAL" initiative to benefit local appointment-based businesses.
Yocale it! means check it on Yocale to solve appointmenting !
by Arash31 July 13, 2016
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a local hick; a townie; hillbilly
Also reffered to as local yocals.
The other night I caught a blowjob from a yocal who didn't have any teeth.
by toast455 June 22, 2005
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A trucker term for a law enforcement officer belonging to the local city or Village.
There is a local yocal at the edge of town checking your speed.
by Hungry dog December 20, 2016
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Your local area. Your + Locale. The area around you where business and life happens.
I love supporting the businesses in my yocale.
by yocalenetwork March 21, 2016
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Having the characteristics, traits and of a yocal. They may not be a total hicks but they kind of yocally.
I don't know if I could handle the conversation with that crowd. They are kind of yocally.
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