Short hand for Yves Martin, a gangster brand underwear.
Alex: Oh yo! Don't mess, he's wearing YM!
John: Damn, he's too gangster
by RichardJiang January 9, 2013
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-Your mom.
- (or)Your mother.
An answer to any statement.
-Where were you last night?
-At your mom's house?

-I like that shirt.
-Your mom likes that shirt.
by AMW June 21, 2005
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Music . Art . Faith . Ink & Attitude

YOUNG MAFIA is a Premium and Exclusive Brand.
I use the YM Brand. Swagga.
by Patrick Bonder January 17, 2013
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Short For Young Money;
Lil Wayne's Outstanding Hip-Hop Super Group
Guy 1: Ay Yo Who Killing The Hip Hop Scene Right Now Since Wayne Went In?
Guy 2: The Team That Has Been Killing It Since Before Wayne Went In, YM!
by Staks-A-Mill June 21, 2010
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It was a magazine, but it now a website. There's a forum with a lot of different categories, but the best one is Real Deal. It's probably the best forum on the web.
You'd have to actually go to YM to see what I mean.
by anonymousssssssssss January 4, 2008
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A really good magazine that was bought by a crappy magazine. Website is very addicting. The site is a forum and the only board that isnt filled with illiterate morons is Real Deal.
Fashion Boards: filled with idiots who say things like llYk3 OMGZZZZZZ fAshIoN!!11!1!!!

Real Deal: filled with the smart people of YM who know how to type.
by Fuck-Bush August 27, 2006
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