Pronounced Mafia

An abbreviation of Minor Authority Figure In Action.
Somebody with a small ammount of power that lets it go to their heads and takes it very seriously. They actually enjoy using their tiny piece of power to cause upset in other peoples lives and were nearly always bullied at school. Commonly found spouting such gems as "I dont make the rules.." and "I'd love to help you."
These people include Traffic wardens, bouncers, security guards and the adolecent managers of McDonalds restraunts.
Bouncer: "Sorry mate no trainers."
Kev : "But that Guy just went in with trainers on."
Bouncer: "Sorry mate I dont make the rules"
Kev : "Well can I just go in and tell my mates I cant get in?"
Bouncer: "No"
Kev : "Ooooooo, Hark at the M.A.F.I.A."

Traffic Warden: "Im going to have to issue you with a ticket."
Dave : "What? The Meter ran out less than a minute ago!"
T.W : "Im sorry mate I dont make the rules."
Dave : "Fucking M.A.F.I.A"
by MCMXCV April 16, 2008
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