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Yitzy is a boy who will be your best friend. He might be a little socially awkward at times, but he always knows what to say to make you feel special. He usually gets obsessed with a certain topic at times, but he loves to share his insights with others. He’s very tall and friends with anyone. Even if you aren’t friends, you know who he is. Yitzy is the perfect boyfriend, but sometimes can be a douche. But in general he is sweet and caring.

Yitzy’s are usually dark haired, and very handsome and have light colored eyes. He will make you happy as a friend/girlfriend
Person: Hey is that yitzy ?

You: Yup he’s my best friend in the whole world
by whatacomedian November 29, 2018
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The ability to play guitar so quietly that no one can actually hear you. Often, but not always, this magical ability will result in a yellow toaster.

Yitzy can also be defined as one possessing the moral and spiritual capacity to compose harmonious melodies often involving Pellow, Eric, or suicide.
"Wow that guitarist looks awesome but I can't hear anything"
"Yup, thats a classic Yitzy"


"Pellow, such a merry fellow"
by Ilan Bar December 30, 2009
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