Sassy fashionista with a great bod. Combines extreme intelligence with karate expertise to get what she wants. Speaks multiple languages and can save the world with a hairpin and a stiletto pump. World traveler with a unique perspective on life. Loves good food which she eats very slowly. Starts parties at 6 am.
Yilin looks mad hot today.
Watch out or Yilin will break your collar bone.
She's a total Yilin.
by Almondine February 4, 2010
Yilin is a really gorgeous, amazing, and nice person. she sometimes can be annoying, a big mouth, but she is really trustworthy. she treats her friends really kindly and truly. if you ever meet Yilin in ur life then try to be friends with her and if u have Yilin as ur friend then u are sooooooo LUCKYYYYY!
C: Me and Yilin work math together and she is really smart at it.
P: Yilin is a really good friend.
by 2018_summer October 25, 2020
amazing gorgeous talented , stunning , an angel , sweet , kind hearted , so supportive , understanding , smart , weird , funny , fun , precious , Adorable and all the amazing words in the dictionary
omg is that yilin ? YAS SHES PERFECT 😎😌
by lilmartian January 25, 2020
The definition of pure genious, kindness, and sexiness, all combined to form a solely perfect loveable human named Yilin.
Dude 1: Yo did you see that girl over there? She's got the brains and the looks!

Dude 2: That must be a Yilin!
by Yaboidepression32 December 9, 2018
An ancient Russian Urban Legend, typically described in children's stories as a hairless white humanoid with short bony limbs and thin drapes of pale grey hair hanging from its head.

It is said than an Yilin has a ear-shrieking voice that will cause one to commit suicide within a week.
Yilin are said to be found in caves surrounded with pink rocks, and those who seek to find them either come back with nothing or do not come back at all.
Those children who seek for valor, ants and high singing voices shall find no respite.

It is then that Yilin comes for you in your safe Haven in your light.
by Jos Gaming Minecraft November 3, 2021
A girl who falls in love with an Irish American boy at the age of 18. and after she broke up with the boy, she started to play the Skateboard on the National Mall.
Yilin is too cool to be true.
by MV. Dragon February 23, 2018