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THe most awesomeness human race alive. They kick ass, take names ,chew bubble gum, love horror movies (especially zombies). Get Tats , drink more then they can possible handle but are always amended for doing so. Typically weird odd unique bitchy friendly uber silly jerkasourous protective sensitive flirty apathetic and crazy all at once.
Whoa that girls a totally Yezzi!
by AShleyYezzi August 09, 2008
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The most awesome guy ever. Very strong and tall. He may not be popular but probably will or has had sex way before any one else and usually with very hot girls. He probably has the largest penis of any friend and uses it well. He is the guy that the hottest girl is school likes. Yezzi is funny, smart, hot, and athletic. Although he may regret a few things he is an all around great person.
by Imusynottellalie100 February 22, 2017
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Full of bullshit. Acts cool but isn't. smallest dick ever. tries to fit in with the popular group but isn't fit for it. #smallpenis #justliketrump
Hal, you're such a Yezzi
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by Darn tootin February 27, 2017
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