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Developed from the mind of my friend, yev is the gangsta word for love.
"I yev ya too"
" I yev ya lots"
by Natasha March 19, 2005
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Short for "Yeviticus." A man of unearthly bone structure and modelesque features.
That Yev would make a beautiful homecoming queen.
by Josh October 21, 2003
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a fucking roblox gangster that has so many bfs I mean nohomo but like yeah hes so hot and amazing with a goated name 100% yeah but audio made by yev dashie suck pp and yev better sticky glue gang xd pp big get noob dashie 3964533103
audio made by yev
yev is hot omg im drooling and he knows that
seagull gang yev yes Zach jack are my pp chompers
by yev_s September 28, 2019
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NIce looking females, Hot bitches, Fine ass ho's, Spectacular Poon, Girls that make you look twice.
"Damn, Nancy turned into a real yev."

"did you hear what I just said?"
-"sorry I was distracted by that yev"

"hey I just got into the bar(on the phone)"
-"Are there any yev's?"
"Two or three"
by Lepakawn March 17, 2009
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A famous hermaphrodite twitch streamer with an unbelievable 11 viewers.
Clovare: no one wants to watch you stream.
Yev: I had 11 viewers at one point.
by Clovare February 09, 2017
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