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A expression used to let someone know that when they accuse you of stating untrue information they are in fact the ones who are in the wrong.
"Johnny, you're a stupid-head!"
"No, I'm not"


by Ryan December 03, 2003
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"You're gay", said John. "Nu-uh!," replied Justin. "Yes-huh!," countered John. John won this argument.
by hoFFrY December 30, 2002
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A Rebutule to someone that does not beleive you.
Will went to the ozzy consert. No he didnt! Yes Huh
by Katie MS November 09, 2007
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another way of saying yes. just like nah-huh.
customer: there are no more napkins left.

employee: yes-huh I just put them out!
by heyyyyboyyyy May 24, 2009
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