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An amazing girl. Smiles all the time whether she is happy or not. Laughs alot. Usually very pretty. Is worth waiting for, fighting for, and most of the time some men dont deserve her. She is very friendly but can be quiet and shy around peole she doesnt know. A very trusworthy person. Keeps her promises and doesnt reveal your secrets. An awesome friend. Loves to party and have fun. Prefers being called beautiful rather than hot or sexy. Loves to cuddle. Would rather you tell her the truth than to lie or keep things from her. Prefers to hear the truth no matter how much it hurts. No matter how hurts she is she always manages to force out a smile. Has a great personality. Very smart but can act like a total air head sometimes. The cutest person ever. She is a wonderful person. ♥
Yeraldin is an amazing friend. :DD
by mmm196 August 11, 2011
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Yeraldin is a beautiful woman with gorgeous brown eyes.She is always happy except when you don’t tell her the truth.
She is a girl you can always count on when your down.Because she has the biggest heart in the world.
Yeraldin is a name where it is more known in the country of Guatemala.
Everyone should get a Yeraldin although there is only one perfect yeraldin in the world who is most likely suppose to be born on December
by Edwin112 January 30, 2018
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