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Yehya is an Arabic name. He is open minded and can solve all your problems and make you feel comfortable just by talking to him and telling him about your problems. He's also funny and you won't stop laughing at his jokes and his sympathetic sense of humour. Yehya is just perfect, amazing, gorgeous and handsome and will always be your Arab Habiby. However his future wife is his world and if you are dating or if you are married to Yehya you are one lucky motherfucker. Yehya is full of surprises, happiness and joy. Yehya brings special love to one particular girl. You know who but he is very low key when it comes to love because when he start to like a girl he always has doubts if the girl he likes might think he is a fuckboy type. Yehya's personality is outgoing, gets offend quickly, humble and loves to play soccer and has a sexy jawline. He's the worlds best soccer player and enjoys looking after and protecting his perfect queen. He is a very attractive person that is rare to find. Yehya is known to have light brown curly hair and bright blue eyes or green eyes however he could be short.
daymm I want to date a Yehya

bro message her now she is thinking about you none stop
by Nicholas lasloski February 03, 2019
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A term to express pure excitement and emotion for whatever reason.
Popularized by Lil Jon from the Eastside Boyz, especially at MTV 03 awards.
I'm goin out tonite, heyll Yehya!!!

I just got paid, YEHYA!
by Tin 'G' September 18, 2003
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