A word said in place of sharp turn
"How do I get to the trap?"

"You take a hard yeet to the left after 54th street."

"Thanks my nigga."
by Urmomstitties August 14, 2017
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The person who knows how to say "Yeet" at the correct time to cause the most humor.
A Yeet Meister is, if someone said "YEET" when they threw a paper ball then everyone would laugh.
by Leloth22 September 25, 2018
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VERB-Whenever someone or something literally beats the shit out of someone else at anything.

can apply to any activity.
I just came back from my soccer game, and they just straight up yiggity yeeted us.
I just yiggity yeeted yo ass.
Hey, let's try not to get yiggity yeeted.
The visitor team is in the process of yiggity yeeting our team.
by yiggity yee February 19, 2017
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When someone yeets a rocket, preferably into your neighbor's yard, test the parachute.
Astral Orbit went outside because they wanted to practice Yeeting Rockets.
by Jimothy120 February 21, 2021
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When you do something so boss like it blows everyone’s socks off into space.
I’m gonna yeet mcfeet this exam.
by Akiere64259 March 28, 2019
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a word virgins say on a daily basis. also associated to skrrt.
person 1: “yo i just got that epic dub on fortnite, yah yeet my bro!!”
person 2: “omg bro thats so cool my guy skrrt skrrt.
by nørski.kitten February 12, 2019
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