When you apply 80%+ of the relative maximum possible impulse to an object upon propelling it from your hands.

-The maximum possible impulse is RELATIVE to what your maximum is (if you were to use the general maximum, any impulse would be ~0% of the maximum, as the maximum is now infinity). Your maximum is defined to be the largest impulse you can exert on the object.
-Any object propelled with less than 80% of the maximum possible impulse is considered to be thrown, and not yote
Person 1: "I throw this object over there!"
Person 2: "How hard will you throw it?"
Person 1: "Hard enough to apply an impulse of 500Ns!"
Person 2: "For your object the relative maximum possible impulse in air is 550Ns, so you will actually yeet it, not throw it"
Person 1: "You're mum gey stop correcting me"
by UltimateSemanticist June 20, 2018
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The word all the "cool" kids say but in reality have no clue what it means
Kid 1: My cat died
Kid 2: YEET!
Kid 3: Lmao
by Catholic atheist October 16, 2018
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For teenagers, it's a word without much meaning.
It's used to express sudden excitement or spontaneous behaviour.

It's a word that is said (or mostly shouted) after a certain action has been done, it's not used in a sentence.
- person throws object across the room -
by calgranger July 05, 2018
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To violently throw an object that you deem to be worthless, inferior or just plain garbage. It is not uncommon for the person participating in this act to yell the word, "YEET!" at the top of his or her lungs, notifying all surrounding individuals in the area that said object is useless.
John: "Hey man! Happy 21st birthday! I got you this for your special day, hope you enjoy!"
Jack: "KidzBop? Are you serious?"
John: "I thought you liked it? It has some nice songs on it and..."
Jack: "YEET!"
by 2400 SAT Score April 11, 2014
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