1)Said when you don't believe a fucking word coming out of someone's mouth; 2)could be used when u think someone is bullshitting their way out of an arguement, 3)Said in a repetitious manner with other misc rambling "yeesh yah" words used to annoy the fuck out of people in a really high pitched annoying voice or if you have nothing better to say at the time.
1)Yeesh yah yer nuttin' no no I knows now no my son.
2)Yah Yeesh yah yer nudding no now i know now no by no, no doubt no your not!
3) YAH YAH YAH YEESH YAH.. yea yup now me buddy YAAAAAAH YEES ya yeah yesh! YEESH YAH YAH YAH YAH YAH YAH YEESH!!!
by 5pennies February 25, 2005
a slur towards the yoruba people of nigeria
that’s such a yeesh
by oluwatobiashade123 December 26, 2022
Another word for yikes or to cringe at something/someone.
Friend 1: Bruh look at that kids shoes.
Friend 2: yeesh.
by kashkartikrl September 29, 2021
Yeesh goes yeesh because yeesh yeesh
by Kylie Kulman November 23, 2020
Yeesh is a word that yeesh because you yeesh
Yeesh that dog is so sexy
by Kylie Kulman November 23, 2020