A word similar to yes or yeah, used to lead a conversation to an end. Specifically for when the other texter does not pick up on dry texting. Its goal is to confuse them, and use the corresponding confusion for them to forget they were leading an unwanted conversation.
Via text
Person A: So then i had to go all the way back to the truck stop.
Person B: wow
A: Yeah it was so crazy
B: seems so
A: Any cool driving stories?
B: no
A: Come on, you sure??
B: Yeer
A: Whats yeer?
B: idk
(leave that on read)
by Zany_J April 22, 2020
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Word of multiple uses: can be a verb, adjective, adverb, or expletive. Simply by changing the inflection, tense, or subject of the sentence it can alter the meaning of the word.
My boss was so pissed about my being late, he yeered the shit out of me.

I fucking yeered all of them because my presentation was awesome.

I got yeered in taxes this year.

Yeeeeer mother Fu&^$#*

by MikeGrules October 18, 2010
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When you try to type yeet but miss the t and hit r instead.
Tim: *makes video* *makes title ya yeet* *misses the t*
Rando kid: Whats a yeer?
by ILoveDuckTales May 21, 2020
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Spoken by southern farmers, and northern southern farmer wannabes, this term is used to show approval of something. It is a synonym for yes, or O.K. Also can be accompanied with a fake (or authentic) southern accent.
Will you come here please?

Yeer. Give me a second.
by thomas trapp January 11, 2009
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typical truck-driving male at Alexander High School in D-Vegas, Georgia
Look! There goes a yee yeers in that truck!
by Bsbbajaiaoid February 20, 2018
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Another term for hick. This person is likely to use “yee yee” in a sentence. They have: flag poles on their trucks, “Merica” stickers, trucker hats, and use chew.
You can tell Bob is a “Yee-Yeer”, just look at his truck!
by Kennaken October 25, 2023
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